Looks after your glass while it’s not in your hand!

The Vino Peg is designed to slip over a tent peg and keeps your wine glass safe.

Designed for the wine enthusiast on the go!


Wherever you stop, enjoy your wine in the great outdoors. 

Keep your glass and wine safe!

Whether you’re sitting around a campfire, taking in a view, or picnicing – the places you’ll find the Vino Peg and a simple tent peg handy are endless! Your Vino Peg will keep your glass … and wine… safe.

Carefully designed for campers and the outdoors, the Vino Peg fits simply and securely to a tent peg.

Vino Pegs are the perfect companion for A pair of Reidel Ouverture glasses that are included in the SCORPRO Explorer Box. 

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